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The Festive Season


The month of December has arrived and we acknowledge that the festive season and Christmas is fast approaching.

Written by Elephant Shop — December 01, 2016

Mother's Day

Take this special day as an opportunity to truly honour and thank your mum for their ongoing love and endless support.

Written by Elephant Shop — May 05, 2016

Valentine's Day

February 14th – The Celebration of Valentine’s Day
The 14th of February is Valentine’s Day, the day on which we celebrate and explore love in all its many ideals.
How a day for lovers came to be celebrated during the middle of February is interesting and has many origins.
History shows that Valentine’s Day began during the Roman Empire with the Lupercalia festival held in honour of the God of Fertility. The festival enabled young men to search for and choose a soul-mate to wed, which was a common practice during this time.

Written by Elephant Shop — February 10, 2015

Selenite Lamps

Originating from within the Atlas Mountain Range in Morocco, the crystal/mineral “Selenite” is now being crafted into beautiful crystal lamps that can elegantly present another dimension to creating a peaceful and pure space.

Selenite is named after the moon goddess – Selene.  Selenite is a soft white in colour and is symbolic to both change and predictability. 

Written by Nick Kalaf — October 14, 2014

Spring awakening

Winter has now passed and we are welcoming the spring.  Springtime encourages us to renew and re-energise our environment, so why not re-awaken our own personal energy fields.

Want to try a simple yet effective approach to realign and re-energise your own personal energy field?  “Chakra Balancing” may hold the answer.

The human body has seven major energy centres, commonly referred to as “chakras”.  Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means “wheel”- spinning vortexes of energy.

The chakras are the network through which our body, mind and spirit interact as one holistic system. 

Written by Nick Kalaf — August 31, 2014

The colder months

The month of July & August brings to us cold frosty mornings, icy cold winds and dare we say…the cold and flu season.

However, did you know that there is a very special and simple secret weapon against falling victim to the seasonal debilitating cold and/or flu? Something that can be introduced very simply into your home and workplaces that can help improve the air quality and offer protection from any airborne bacteria.  

Written by Elephant Shop — July 04, 2014