Gemstone Crystal Jewellery


From the very dawn of civilisation, man has been fascinated by feathers, shells, wood, and brilliant shiny colourful stones.
Gemstones became the most cherished because of their natural beauty and unusual characteristics.
History shows that gemstones have played various roles in the myths and legends of our human cultures. The most precious have been used to adorn scepters, crowns, breastplates and weapons, however it's the wearing of gemstone jewellery that commands our attention.
Natural Gemstones have always been regarded as bringers of peace, prosperity and happiness for the wearer.
The purpose of wearing jewellery always remains the same, it enables the wearer to express themselves non-verbally, showcase wealth, and deliver feelings of affections toward someone.
Prosperity, various healing qualities, states of being and personality traits are said to reside in each gemstone. These are particularly effective to the wearer.

Each gemstone is unique with a special colour, birthplace and story. They come in every colour of the rainbow and are gathered from all corners of the world. Each possesses a unique creation of colour and healing energy.
Natural gemstones add sparkle to our lives and invigorate our soul with the earth’s natural beauty. Whether the gemstone is faceted or a polished cabochon, buying a unique piece of jewellery presents a special gift for any occasion, and enables jewellery to remain timeless.
When looking for that special pendant, ring, bracelet or earrings consider the following options for your purchase;
Beauty – adds colour, mystique and intrigue
Unique – each piece presents its own character
Colour – Enhances and compliments your style and outfit
Healing – inspires and balances your own personal energy
At the Elephant Shop we offer an exquisite and delightful array of gemstone set jewellery for anyone seeking to own a unique and extraordinary piece.
Our wearable treasures include;
Amethyst – Serenity and Peace
Citrine – Abundance
Clear Quartz – Harmony, Stone of Power
Rose Quartz – Love Stone
Rutilated Quartz – Vitality
Smokey Quartz – Dissolves Negative Energy
Amber – Pain Relief
Boulder Opal – Inspirational
Charoite – Transformation
Chrysocola – Creative Expression
Garnet – Courage
Labradorite – Aura Protection
Lapis Lazuli – Enlightenment
Malachite – Intuition
Moldavite – Future Potential
Moonstone – Emotional Balancer
Onyx – Strength Giving
Tigers Eye – Goal Accomplishing (achieving)
Topaz – Emotional Support
Turquoise – Protection

When considering your special piece of crystal gemstone jewellery to own, wear, and admire, remember that its beauty will remain precious, ageless and result in a genuine heirloom.

These special pieces are available in store only