Quartz Singing Bowls

Frosted Quartz Singing Bowls

Music is a powerful and valuable medium that soothes, excites and uplifts many aspects of our health and well being. Many cultures revere sound so deeply, and believe that the first movement in the universe created the vibrational sound “Om”. Now known as the mother tone, “Om” contains the frequencies of all other sounds.

At The Elephant Shop we now showcase a range of Frosted Quartz Singing Bowls including Quartz Chakra Singing Bowls. We invite you to experience the enchanting peaceful sounds and tones that these exquisite bowls produce. The tones created by playing quartz singing bowls are not only heard by the ear, you can feel them resonate throughout your entire being and energy centres (known as chakras). The musical tones of our quartz singing bowls are incredibly smooth, creating soothing tones excellent for shifting, clearing, and releasing energy as well as chakra balancing.

The use of quartz singing bowls offer a unique and inspiring process that has been used for centuries for deep sound therapy healing and daily meditation, which promotes and reinstates the natural sense of balance and harmony.

Singing Bowl Therapy can:
  •  reduce stress and anxiety
  •  promote deep relaxation
  •  boost the immune system
  •  develop self awareness
  •  increase levels of intuition
  •  improve long-term memory
  •  assist learning ability
  •  assist in space clearing
  •  enhance higher levels of creativity
  •  clarify personal values.
For your own personal energy centres, known as chakras, our quartz chakra singing bowls can offer assistance with harmony, balance, alignment and re-awakening of your physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

The diagram below illustrates bowl placement signifying the colours and notes that correspond with the chakra energy centres.

Everyone can benefit from playing these beautiful bowls, and learning to play a singing bowl takes less than one minute. The pure sonic waves that ring from a singing bowl awakening your ability to listen and hear through the sound and vibration. Your technique will improve each time you play.
We invite you to get creative, follow your intuition and allow the magical sounds to move your whole being into a totally relaxed and tranquil place.

Our beautiful Quartz Singing Bowls are available in store only.