The Tarot Healer by Leeza Robertson

The Tarot Healer by Leeza Robertson

The Tarot Healer by Leeza Robertson

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Combining chakra healing techniques with the healing energy of tarot, this book opens the door to new and profound ways to approach your health, thoughts, feelings, and actions. Author Leeza Robertson presents the three parts of tarot as the main three aspects of healing work the majors represent the issue, the court cards are avatars for you and those journeying with you, and the minors outline the daily actions and mental and emotional steps needed for better wellness.

Tarot Healer guides you through each of your seven chakras, showing you how to enhance your energy, find and clear blocks, and become your own tarot healer. Through engaging exercises, enlightening card meanings, and guided readings, this book helps you build a road map for spiritual and physical healing.

About the Author

Leeza Robertson (Las Vegas, NV) is the author of Tarot Court Cards for Beginners and Tarot Reversals for Beginners , and she's the creator of two tarot decks, the Mermaid Tarot (9780738751092) and Animal Totem Tarot (9780738743486). She runs an online class called the Moonbeamers, which focuses on tarot and the moon s cycles.

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