A Balanced Life by Kimberly Parsons

A Balanced Life by Kimberly Parsons

A Balanced Life by Kimberly Parsons

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A daily handbook for aligning your chakras and awakening your body and soul to achieve emotional clarity, energy and enhanced wellbeing.

Each of our seven chakras is associated with elements such as foods, balancing activities, essential oils, healing crystals, affirmations, personas, colors, mandala symbols, senses, seasons, parts of the body and yoga poses - to name just a few. Therefore aligning your chakras is a delicate balancing act.

Guiding you down the path to better energy and harmony is Kimberly Parsons, who recommends the best balancing foods, activities, questions and mantras for all the chakras. Her clarity, gentle advice and encouragement will teach you to apply the simplest principles to your daily life and gradually understand the role of chakras in your mind, body and spirit. The result? Physical and emotional harmony - and a balanced life.

About the Author

Kimberly Parsons is the author of The Yoga Kitchen, a speaker, lecturer, professionally qualified naturopath, chef and entrepreneur. As The Yoga Chef, her mission is to teach people how to listen to their body’s daily signs and symptoms in order to find long lasting, vibrant health and happiness. She calls this ‘body intelligence’ and is deeply passionate about helping people tap into this knowledge to find true connection.

Kimberly spends her time cooking on health retreats all over the world and resides in the English countryside where she cooks bespoke healthy meals for many celebrity and private clients and delivers them to doorsteps all over London.

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