Peace & Harmony Crystal Companion Pack

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Peace & Harmony Crystal Companion Pack includes;

Amethyst - 8 to 12cm Natural Point

  • Can help calm the mind
  • Can bring tranquillity, deep peace and devotion
  • Can heal, protect and cleanse

 Rose Quartz - 30mm Heart

  • Can be useful in calming and reassuring
  • Can regain confidence
  • Assists unconditional love towards others and self

 Smokey Quartz - 30mm Tumble Stone

  • Can be protective and alleviate fear
  • Can promote positive thoughts and concentration
  • Can bring emotional calmness

Red Jasper - 40 to 80mm Rough Chunk

  • Supreme nurturer and stone of health
  • Can sustain and support during times of stress
  • Can absorb negativity and cleanse your aura