Fossils Newcastle

The Elephant Shop stocks an amazing and large selection of Fossils. These are sourced from the North African region of Morocco. At The Elephant Shop we utilise an excellent delivery system that ensures fast and reliable delivery, and considering our close proximity to Newcastle, you can even visit our store and handpick your items.

The Elephant Shop near Newcastle stocks many varieties of Fossilised specimens. These include:

  • Ammonite Fossils
  • Goniatite Fossils
  • Orthoceros Fossils
  • Shark Teeth
  • Fossilised Coral
  • Trilobite Fossils
  • Phacops Fossils

Each Fossil is unique and has many special characteristics. At The Elephant Shop our Fossil specimens are not only very old, they are ancient (with some estimated to be over 400 million years old) and perhaps the most well travelled Fossil specimens in the world! Our Fossil specimens are found in the North African region, with some of our Fossil specimens being located in ancient seabeds in Morocco – half a world away!

Explore The Elephant Shop online or come in to our store near Newcastle to experience the wonder and beauty of our Fossilised specimens.