Amethyst Crystals

The Elephant Shop stocks a diverse range of Amethyst products sourced predominately from South America.

At The Elephant Shop we utilise a tested delivery system that ensures fast and reliable delivery, this coupled with our close proximity to Newcastle and Sydney, you can even visit and handpick your items!

The Elephant Shop near Newcastle stocks a wide variety of Amethyst products including:

  • Amethyst Druze
  • Amethyst Generators
  • Amethyst Jewellery
  • Amethyst Spheres
  • Amethyst Pyramids
Amethyst is the purple variety of quartz which is known to help the mind, body and spirit. Amethyst acts as a calmative and as such, often provides clarity of thought whilst bestowing strength and invigoration. Amethyst also assists with sleep and strengthening the immune system. Amethyst is also excellent for meditation. Amethyst Chakra – Crown.